New Cyprus Museum
national archaeological museum
2016 - 2017
Nicosia, Cyprus
the island, the map, and the city

The project’s title “the island, the map, and the city” highlights 3 conceptual frameworks essential to the New Cyprus Museum.

1) The island of Cyprus constitutes the thematic focus of the museum. Considering that archaeology prevails over political rifts, the museum aims to bridge territorial divisions. Notwithstanding the limited success of UN-mediated reunification talks, the museum makes a case for bringing a people together – a political stance underwritten by an understanding of archaeology as a discipline of longue durée, one giving priority to long-term developments over present-day events.

2) The map foregrounds the prevalent idea within contemporary archaeology to re-contextualize ar-chaeological artefacts, not only in time, but also in space. The main exhibition space of the new museum is thus conceived as a map of Cyprus – at the scale of 1:1460 – on which key objects of the collection are situated on their original site.

3) The city as urban commons offers the primary organising principles of the museum at ground level. The museum is comprised of an ensemble of buildings, organized around public spaces – squares, streets, and parks that establish connections to the surrounding context. Conceived as a commons, the museum is part of the city, foregrounding the performative potential of the building as a tool to be used in daily life.
Republic of Cyprus, Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works
Public Works Department
team competition
agps architecture ltd./ Marc Angélil (PV), Matej Draslar, Sarah Graham, Frederick Kim, Rafael Schäfer, Manuel Scholl
Kathleen Bühler, Art Curator
Christof Kübler, Archaeology Curator
Pat Michelli, Cost Estimation
End : 2017 Class : Architecture Class : Public Priority : 02