hotel restaurant expansion
2003 - 2004
Weissbad Appenzell, Switzerland
The primary project constraint was that on-site construction was limited to a period of six weeks. Prefabrication was necessary in order to comply to the tight schedule. The entire planning phase of approximately one year was directed toward the sequence of construction procedures.
Computer integrated manufacturing accelerated the fabrication of the pieces. The entire structure was erected indoors in a factory prior to the beginning of construction. The size of the units was determined by transportation restraints, specifically by the height of a highway overpass along the route from the factory to the site.
The building consists of a total of eleven modules, interlocked with one another to form an entity. While each unit is a frame, it is only through their interconnection that the ensemble is stabile. It appears open or closed depending on the position of the viewer.
Key to the entire assembly are the glazed gaps between the modules resulting in a repetitive rhythm of light. The structure is a sequential arrangement of open and closed wedges – a caterpillar-like assembly of seemingly undulating parts.
KW Kurhotel Weissbad AG
team project
agps architecture ltd. / Gabi Hauser, Bettina Klinge (PL Projektierung), Katia Schröder (PL Realisierung), Reto Pfenninger (PV), Barbara Schwab
Blumer-Lehmann AG
APT Ingenieure GmbH
Hersche Ingenieure AG
Thieme-Klima AG
Blanca Blarer, Künstlerin
Reinhard Zimmermann
Start : 2003 End : 2004 Class : Project Class : Architecture Priority : 02