Früh Verpackungen
factory and administration building
2002 - 2003
Fehraltorf, CH
The project operates both as a factory and office building for a packaging company. The building is placed in its context at the threshold between an industrial neighborhood and an agricultural zone.
The interior is organized toward views into the landscape from deep within the building. Designed as a simple box, the space is organized longitudinally in that the processing of goods involves a sequential movement system. Additionally, interior spaces are oriented laterally, placed as alternately open and closed volumes within the larger space. The building is built into a hillside, allowing two levels of access and delivery, each with corresponding production and storage zones. A series of ramps interconnects the internal zones.
With phasing, additional length will be added as needed over time.
Früh Verpackungstechnik AG
team competition
agps architecture ltd. / Marc Angélil, Bettina Klinge (PL), Hanspeter Oester, Reto Pfenninger (PV), Manuel Scholl, Barbara Schwab
Start : 2002 End : 2003 Class : Architecture Priority : 02