Haus Trüb
single-family house
1995 - 1998
Horgen, Switzerland
The Horgen house overlooks the Lake of Zürich, exhibiting Swiss craft within minimal construction. The house is a study in open spatial planning.
Built of prefabricated wood panels sitting on a concrete box, the volume of the house tilts sectionally in the longitudinal direction to accommodate a mezzanine and in the transverse direction to increase the surface area for solar gain.
A grill of larch louvers is placed in front of the prefabricated wall assembly. At window and door locations, the louvers are mounted on sliding tracks as movable sun protection and security screens.
The living area is a large, double height space accommodating multiple functions. 3 children’s bedrooms are aligned, each with a play loft and faced with glass to let light in from both sides of the house. The loft is the parent’s realm, which opens to the large central space. Bathrooms are top-lit, organized as islands that punctuate the volume.
The displaced earth from construction is placed along the lower street, retained by an L-shaped vertical grass wall.
team project
agps architecture ltd. / Reto Pfenninger (PV), Matthias Denzler (PL), Benjamin Muschg
Patrick Trüb, Trüb AG
APT Ingenieure GmbH
Blumer Elementtechnik AG
Gaston Wicky
Start : 1995 End : 1998 Class : Architecture Priority : 02