apartment building
2003 - 2006
Kilchberg, CH
Within the community of Kilchberg on Lake Zürich, a Master Plan has been developed for a large zone of housing. In order to maintain unity within the neighborhood, building volumes and open space requirements were specified. Individual parcels were then developed by various architects.
The project worked within the volumetric requirements and developed a wide variety of housing units within the building, ranging from small studios to double story lofts and penthouse units. Overall, the project is that of high end housing.
Within the deep depth of the building, a light well and the top lit communal stair bring light into the interior. Underground parking is provided for the residents as well as that of the neighboring building, thus reducing overall infrastructure costs.
The planning requirements stipulated the use of puncture windows. In order to maximize interior daylight, however, large continuous windows were designed. Working in conjunction with an artist who added plug-on wooden panels placed strategically within the strip windows, the code was accommodated and the users have generously lit apartments.
Monika Relman
team project
agps architecture ltd. / Gabi Hauser, Bettina Klinge (PL), Reto Pfenninger (PV)
GMS Partner AG
APT Ingenieue GmbH, Haustechnik
Thieme-Klima AG
Ruedi Luginbüh
Fassadenbild und virtuelle Raumerweiterungen: Passstücke von Blanca Blarer, Künstlerin
Reinhard Zimmermann
Start : 2003 End : 2006 Class : Architecture Priority : 01