Latent Utopia
exhibition installation
2002 - 2003
Graz, AUT
Presented at the Latent Utopias exhibition in Graz, Austria in 2002 the installation addresses architecture’s formal condition as a circumstance evolving from production. The approach searches for strategies premised on interactive and varying means of adaptation. A discourse is opened on the relation between genesis and form, between operative procedures and architectural organization. Varying parameters act upon one another to chart a differential field within which development takes place, contributing at each stage of the process to the crystallization of formal constructs. As design processes revolve around questions of becoming, the architectural product could correspondingly be considered in a state of flux. Architecture’s material presence, from such a vantage point, cannot be manifested through the design of pristine objects but by the organization of interlaced dynamic systems. Such arrangements need to be open in their structures leaving room for the possibility of interpretative transformation. In this, architectural formations evolve from a network of relationships in a state of continuous re-definition.

The exploration unfolds along two specific lines of development: the first pertains to the formation of surfaces for architectural objects; the second addresses the formation of geometries for field assemblies.
client: steirisc[:her:]bst with Zaha Hadid & Patrick Schumacher
team project
agps architecture ltd. / Marc Angélil, Sarah Graham, Reto Pfenninger, Manuel Scholl, Rolf Jenni (PL)
Urs Meier 'Luft & Laune'
Start : 2002 End : 2003 Class : Exhibition Class : Media Priority : 02