Photovoltaic Installations
renewable energy generation
1992 - 1993
Los Angeles, USA
Architectural installations are proposed for the generation of solar electrical energy in various locations throughout Los Angeles, enhancing spaces and structures of the city while generating power. This is a demonstration project towards public awareness of the potential for solar energy.
Each installation has an architectural as well as a technical function, demonstrating that architecture can establish the means for integrating technical resources into the city.
The energy generated will power local needs.  Stand-alone conditions most efficiently
demonstrate maximum potential.  Each installation varies in size, location, and integration into the existing urban fabric.  It is the large scale potential through multiple applications that is the goal of the project.
 A job-training program is planned for construction and maintenance of the installations.
team project
agps architecture ltd. / Marc Angélil, Sarah Graham
Start : 1992 End : 1993 Class : Project Class : Urban Priority : 02