35 Jahre S AM

The S AM Swiss Architecture Museum is celebrating its 35thbirthday this year. This retrospective traces the development of the museum, bringing together publications, posters by Claudiabasel and artefacts from the over 170 exhibitions put on by the institution to date.
The archival materials will be complemented by a collection of architectural drawings, models and other ephemera gifted to the museum by its members and supporters for this occasion. These “birthday gifts” will be handed over by the donors at the opening and will be integrated into the retrospective in the form of a wunderkammer. At the end of the exhibition, the objects will be sold in an auction benefitting the museum.

agps provided two presents: one for the Zürich branch (4 agps stool18, S AM birthday edition) and one for the LA branch (99¢ space video kit)

the agps stool18 was designed for the ‚agps transformations‘ exhibition in Prague, in which the modular stools were used for events, as part of a performance, as the installation itself and more.
after the exhibition the stools became objects of everyday use to be found in many Czech households as the installation was dispersed by its visitors.
now comes the agps stool18, S AM birthday edition

video kit from the ‚99¢ space‘ exhibiton in Berlin showing a prefabricated horse barn in rural California that was transformed into a living/working unit with minimum means. materials came from farming catalogues and industrial suppliers, sourced locally as possible. the building is one component of an almost self-sustaining, almost off-the-grid farm, with 99¢ being the modus operandi of the overall design investigation.
the ‚99¢ space‘ was later shown in the ‚tabula non rasa‘ exhibition at the basque country architecture institute and also at the ‚transform s am‘ exhibition at the S AM.
Class : Exhibition Priority : 01