WHO Headquarters
World Health Organization
Geneva, Switzerland
Field Configurations

Beginning with highest regard for the main building of the WHO campus, the project proposes a low volume as a counterpoint to Jean Tschumi’s architecture, a low building conceived as a field configuration. Primarily intended for office use, daylight and flexibility are key. Offices wrap around day lit courtyards, unhindered by fire rated corridors as egress is provided by continuous exterior balconies. The offices can be configured as individual or open spaces as needs change over time, within the spatial framework.

Entering from the Main Building as well as from secured points at the street level, users move up to office floors or descend to the special functions of conference and restaurant at the garden level. These spaces are organized as objects in a field, open to the landscape and influenced by it.

The SHOC functions are within a special rooftop volume, making visible their key role within the World Health Organization. SHOC will function as a kind of think tank, handling crisis conditions with big thinking in a special place.

The garden landscape is reconfigured with excavated earth from construction retained on site. Landscape textures and materials continue into the garden level of the building, continuing upwards through the open courtyard spaces.
World Health Organisation
team competition
agps architecture ltd. / Marc Angélil (PV), Matej Draslar, Sarah Graham
End : 2014 Class : Architecture Class : Working Priority : 02